Failed to connect to MySQL: Connection refused Frequently asked Questions


Who do I email if I need help or support?

We will be glad to assist you. Email us at

What if I don't want to be notified via email for each response?

We will be releasing the ability to customize what you receive soon: An email per response, an email digest weekly, or no email whatsoever.

Where do I place the script line I was given?

The best location is right before your closing body tag on each page of your website that you'd like the widget to appear on

What kinds of mobile devices are supported?

The survey will respond to all mobile devices with a device-pixel-width between 320px and 500px which covers most smartphones today. Do check that you have the viewport meta tag on your site

Where is my data stored?

All data is stored in a European datacenter with top level protection. Your data is safe.

My site has a lot of trafic, will the widget slow down my site ?

Our service has been setup in such a way that additional servers will spin up to help do the work when we see the base capacity would not be suficient, this is an automated process to garanty the correct response times in any event and under any load.

How can this service be free?

We are currently building more advanced features that we will offer as a payed service, there we expect to make enough money to support the survice, we hope to be able to keep the base service free forever.

What browsers does this tool work on?

It works in IE10+ and all of the other greats including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. It simply does not display if the user has IE9 or below.

I get strange (Chinese) characters in my CSV download

The System uses UTF8 unicode, if you select that encoding in the Excel import widget you should be alright

Do these surveys work when used on encrypted sites?

Yes, the surveys do work on SSL encrypted sites, check that you embed the survey without the http statement in the URL like specified here